NY-PC, BR Course Bundle

Best Solution For NY Dual License Holders (Life/Health, PC) or PC/BR License Holders

$130 Includes;
White Collar Crime & Free PC Supplement Course
15 Credits For (BR, C3, LB, C1, LSB, LA, PC, TLA, ADJP)
Bias, Law, Ethics, Flood Credit Included
Course Texts & Study Guides
2-50 Question Multi-Choice Exams With Unlimited Retakes
No Exam Monitor Needed
Credit Reported To NY DFS Same Day

Course Descriptions

White Collar Crime

This course aims to elaborate on the mechanics of white-collar crime, its detrimental effect on the financial services industry, its detection, prevention, and best practices to respond to white-collar crimes. Discussed topics include; Related Laws, Rights of White Collar Crimes Victims, Punishments to White Collar Criminals, The role of regulating agencies and professional associations.

PC Supplement

This course satisfies the NYS DFS mandatory credit category requirement for PC and BR license types. Topics discussed include; Review of NY Insurance Law 2102, Insurance Ethics, Cultural Competency for Insurance and Flood Insurance.